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You are here:
PureEnergySystems.com > News > Oct. 11, 2010

EV Gray 'second generation' motor available

While there is an understandable exciting about a video showing photos of a EV Gray motor that has surfaced after two decades, an expert in the field says that this was part of the 'second generation' set that did not achieve overunity or harvest free energy. 

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
Copyright © 2010


Given the mystique around the name "EV Gray," you can imagine that there has been a lot of interest around a new video that was posted on Oct. 7 saying that an EV Gray motor has been found.

Curious about the significance of this development, I phoned one of my associates who is expert on this subject and got some helpful information.

Back in the early 1970's Edwin V. Gray created a big stir with his motor that was tested to put out far more energy than it consumed.  He got funding from some pretty big names, including Bing Crosby.

Unfortunately, because the spark gap the device employed (to tap radiant energy) caused serious radio and communications interference, the Federal Communications Commission ordered him to stop.

He then pursued a different design that used capacitor discharging through an ignitron switch. Part of the problem in coming up with a plausible design is that the original inventor, Marvin Cole, was no longer on the scene.

The unit shown was one of six demonstration carts built during a time from 1981 through 1985 when EV Gray was operating out of Canyon Country, California and was called the "Purple Motor" and was built by Nelson Schlaff and Mark Gray, one of the sons of Edwin..  There was also a Red, Blue, White, and Black motor, along with a Trigger cart.  Each was designed to demonstrate a particular aspect of the technology.

Several of these "second generation" devices were made for demonstrations, but none of them worked like the first generation devices.  My source says it is "not free energy machine," and that it does not harness radiant energy, and that it is essentially of no scientific value, though it does have some historic interest.

"We know everything there is to know about that device, including the schematics."  

It pulls massive amounts of energy (kilowatts) from the wall (or from the batteries).

The good news is that my source on this story is involved in some other research that does look very promising, and is likely to fulfill our dreams of seeing the emergence of a radiant energy device in the tradition of Nikola Tesla.  Some of that may be on display in the upcoming John Bedini conference.


Here is a video showing various views of the EV Gray motor.

(YouTube; Oct. 7, 2010) (Backup copy)

"This is a video showing a complete EV motor that was in storage for two decades. We opened it up to research it and to show his details to the public. Please feel free to use this as reference for further studies. This motor is for purchase. Please email info@zeropointresearch.com  Serious inquires only. I will not comment on this video as I am only uploading this for the interested parties."


Below are the photos from the above video.  Click on image for high-resolution (~1 Mb) version of the image.  Or you can download a zip file (~50 Mb) containing all these images.

I posted these before talking to my source, and learning that the device is probably not worth pursuing.

full array, side

full array, front

batteries (not main power supply)

circuit control box


wiring of ignatron

removable heat sink for ignatron

ignatron without heat sink


commutator system; sets where the coils fire 

inside also rotatable, sets where contact points will be, to run forward and backward; like dwell control on ignition system.

three inner coils

(has had some scraping action)

brush mechanism that transfers energy to coils on rotor

power supply, transformer next to capacitor; for low-level electronics

different view of power supply box

front panel of power supply

blueboards; low-voltage control circuitry

stator core with rotor removed

ignatron section with one ignatron removed

mechanical relays

# # #

See also

Resources at PESWiki.com

Page composed by Sterling D. Allan Oct. 7, 2010
Last updated November 05, 2010 


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