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Welcome to Arend Lammertink's "Tuks Unsorted KieknWatTWordt Stuff".

If you're curious about Tuks, well, that's me:

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I am holding an Oxen horn there, which sounds like this:

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Some info on the horn blowing tradition:

For the ancient peoples living in the northern most part of the hemisphere, the winter was most difficult time of the year. Its gelid winters with seemingly endless darkness arouded deep anxieties, the dread of evil spirits and the deepest dread of all: that the sun might never return. In response, the population devised rites and mystical practices to alleviate the uncertainties of the natural world. In the Germanic pagan Joelfeest or Yule, celebrated for twelve days around the winter solstice (c. 21st December), the Batavians blew on cow horns to spur the god Odin (or Wodan) in his "Wild Hunt" to fight against the huge wolf Fenrir who chases the sun in a large chariot. The horn helped to frighten the wolf away so that the sun could once again return. The inhabitants of the Twente-area, in particular, blew the ossenhoorn ("ox horn"), a forerunner of the midwinterhoorn.

And this is what I wrote about this horn some time ago:

One of the most intriguing phenomenon in nature is resonance, a phenomenon that has been used in the construction of musical instruments for ages. In the picture above, you can see me blowing the horn of an ox, a tradition that dates back thousands of years and can be traced to Germanic mythology, where this instrument was used to call upon Woden or Odin, the God of death and storm, who would wake up and chase the Fenris wulf. The wulf that ate the sun from june 21st until december 21st. So, if this wulf would not be stopped, there would be darkness forever on Earth. So, my ancestors would take this horn and imitate the sounds Wodan would make with his army of the death, flying trough the skies, sitting on his six legged horse called Sleipnir, and do all they could to help him defeat darkness. At some point in history, the Roman Catholic Church banned the tradition of the horn blowing and replaced Odin with a new figure, Sinterklaas, who in The Netherlands also rides a white horse, not trough the skies but on the roofs of the houses to deliver presents to the children at december 5th. It is this same fellow who became Santa Claus in most Western Countries. If you're interested in how this oxen horn sounds, you can take a look at our homepage, which is in Dutch, but there's a small YouTube video on there that shows us in action.

Of course, this horn is THE weapon of choice for any Batavian light worker.

And don't underestimate the power of this thing!

We have blown these horns literally for ages on/around the winter solstice to make the light return in the spring and it NEVER EVER failed.

Getting even with the Vatican

There's an 8th century manuscript I have a problem with as a proud Batavian ox horn blower, the Indiculus superstitionum et paganiarum. This is a Latin collection of capitularies identifying and condemning superstitious and pagan beliefs found in the north of Gaul and among the Saxons during the time of their subjugation and conversion by Charlemagne.

It contains the following line:

De tempestatibus et cornibus et cocleis.
"Over stormen, de horens van stieren, en slakken".
"About making storm, the horns of bulls, and snails".

Google translate gives us:

"About the weather, and the horns and snails."

This sentence is obviously not translated correctly. What do snails have to do with horns and the weather? The Reallexikon der germanischen Altertumskunde gives us a clue:

Hornblasen gegen Unwetter nennt auch der Indiculus Nr. 22, der ebenso das Glockenläuten erwähnt: De tempestatibus et cornibus et cocleis.
"Horn blowing against thunder-storms is also mentioned in the Indiculus Nr. 22, which also mentions the ringing of the bells."

How about what I wrote a few lines up?

So, my ancestors would take this horn and imitate the sounds Wodan would make with his army of the death, flying trough the skies, sitting on his six legged horse called Sleipnir, and do all they could to help him defeat darkness.

Could Wodan's wild hunt perhaps sound like a thunderstorm? And wasn't that what the horn blowing was all about?

Another part of the tradition that survived was that after the horn blowing, the bells of the church would be rung. At the winter solstice in the evening twilight....

In other words: this tempestatibus et cornibus et cocleis is a direct and unacceptable attack by the Vatican against our beloved tradition. Now of course, we never gave in to this kind of false authority and we kept our tradition alive, but after more than 1.200 years, it's about time someone shines some light on the darkness concentrated within the Vatican and straightens things out.

Now obviously, the Vatican feared this horn. Otherwise it would not have banned it, right?

Since it happens to be a special day today, the 1012 summer solstice, I did something no ox horn blower did before, AFAIK.


Will this work?

Mwoh. Kiek'n wat 't wordt.

Just kidding.

You bet it will work! It has always done it's job and it will not fail this time either.

It won't be long before you will witness events that will look in every way like a storm waging across the earth, wiping out all the dark forces associated with the Vatican and their minions.

Within 3 months (give or take a few weeks) there will be that much light on this planet, that much truth, that these crooks will have no place to hide any longer.

So, relax, fasten your seatbelt, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.

Here he is. The one and only Tuks:

Complete with wooden shoes and oxen horn. :) (Tuks naked here)

And this is my homepage.

I named the site "Tuks Unsorted KieknWatTWordt Stuff" because this site contains information on various subjects that may or may not bare fruit some day. "Kiek'n wat 't wordt" is an expression in West Low German, which means something like "just try something and see what happens", a bit like the Australian No worries.

Still, these are very promising documents I have on my site in the public archives. There also is a torrent with an archive of the contens of most of this site, which also contains some of the files I had to delete because of space restrictions. Please consider downloading and seeding this torrent. Vote with your computer!

So, we're putting out information in the hope that some day some good will come out of this. And we will thus bring down the walls that have to go down. Until the wall breaks.

Kind of like crashing JP Morgan one ounce of silver a time: Crash JP Morgan, buy silver!

My case for EUR 25.000,-. silver

The current price of gold is about EUR 1250,-.

Silver is about 5 times more scarce then gold. Based on that, silver should be at 5 * 1250 = 6250,-.

However, silver is being used in various applications (which is why it is so scarce nowadays), while gold is just stacked. Actually, only about 25% of all available silver is available for investment purposes. The other 75% is needed in the industry. Without silver, the economy is toast, because without silver no electronic equipment like computers and cell phones can be made.

So, you still have to multiply by 4 in order to calculate the real value of one troy ounce of silver, which leaves you with a real value of 4 * 6.250 = a whopping EUR 25.000,-. per oz.

When we calculate back to 1960's Dutch silver guilders, that would be about 3 times less, so about Dfl. 8.300,-./oz. To give you an idea: that is the kind of money that bought you a brand new Volkswagen beetle back in the sixties.

Not bad.

Of course, this is a very optimistic estimation, but it is clear that silver is incredibly cheap at any price below EUR 100. For the current price, below EUR 25, you are talking about a potential of the price of silver increasing by 100 times, or more. And then you are only multiplying the current value of gold by about 2. And the paper prices of both metals are being manipulated, so at some point it may go ballistic. But then you HAVE to have the REAL PHYSICAL stuff. Coins, bars, whatever.

The Silver Bullet And The Silver Shield:

Buying physical silver is by far the greatest act of wisdom and rebellion any American can and should be doing right now. It is both a Silver Bullet to rebel against the Elite’s corrupt system and a Silver Shield to protect your family and wealth in a post-dollar world. Buying physical silver is non-violent, non-compliant resistance. Most importantly, it works outside of the system and it cannot be stopped.

If you consider buying some physical in the Netherlands, you may want to check this webshop out.

About Arend Lammertink:

Arend Lammertink holds a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Twente. After graduating in 1996, he worked as a software engineer. He worked a.o. on OpendTect, an open source seismic interpretation system. Arend lives in Goor, The Netherlands, together with his wife and three children. He grew up in Markelo, where his family owned a farm as well as a restaurant, now run by his brother who is also the chef-cook. The favorite tractor of the Lammertink family is the Massey Ferguson 35.

Contact: you can reach me via email at lamare over at the gmail dot com domain, you can follow me at Twitter and I'm on Facebook as well. I also have Skype, even though I do not use that much. There's a button at my homepage where you can see if I'm online.

Further, I post as "lamare" on the energetic forum as well as every now and then at the comments on Benjamin Fulford's blog. Lamare is simply the first 3 letters of my last name and the first 3 letters of my first name... I also infrequently comment at David Wilcock's site under my full name.