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Sorry for the delay but I wanted to send you some archive info and haven't had time until now to get it all together. Everything that I think I have learned has been posted to the internet. Much is in the newsgroup threads. Pete Brown has captured some of it and posted it on his site.

I have determined that in my opinion all of physical processes can be defined in terms of the aether populational momenta (p). Such that,

Force     (F) -> Grad p
Charge    (q) ->  Div p
Magnetism (B) -> Curl p

Gravity for example is Grad E where E is the electric potential at x. This resolves to Le Sagian type process as outlined in the Pushing Gravity models. The electric potential E in turn is created by charge which is Div p...

My model is a direct extension of Maxwell's vortex model of interacting rings (the smoke ring model). I have been able to define all fundamental constants in terms of basic parameters, including the gravitational constant G. Further, G is, within this system, seamlessly integrated to all others, fitting into a unified system.

The key to this system's definition is the realization that charge is fundamentally a result AND the measure of the compressibility of Maxwell's aether. See: for futher details on this. This is a logical and natural extension of Maxwell work (Ref: )

Note: Also see: on-site version of The nature of Charge, the Wikisource digital version of Maxwell's On Physical Lines of Force (1861), also available as pdf on site, and a better readable version of the original. Maxwell refers to his "On Faraday's Lines of Force", which can be found here as well as on site as pdf.

Quantity SI Conversion Factor to Maxwell's Ether Based Units

Length meter   (m)                  meter(m)
Mass Kilogram  (kg)                 Kilogram (kg)
Time Second    (sec)                second (sec)
Force Newton   (Nt)                 kg-m/sec^2
Energy Joules  (J)                  kg-m^2/sec^2
Power Watts                         kg-m^2/sec^3
Action         [h] (Planck's Const) kg-m^2/sec
Permitivitty   [z] (Q^2/kg-m^3)     kg/m^3 {1}
Permeability   [u] (kg-m-sec^2/Q^2) m-sec^2/kg {2}
Charge         [q] (Coulomb)        kg/sec
Boltzmann's    [k] (J/K)           m-sec
Current        [I] (Amp)            kg/sec^2
Electric Field [E]                  m/sec
Potential      [V] (Voltage)        m^2/sec {3}
Displacement   [D]                  kg/m^2-sec
Resistance     [R] (Ohms)           m^2-sec/kg
Capacitance    [C]                  kg/m^2
Magnetic Field [H] (Henries)        m^2
Magnetic Flux  [B] (Gauss)          (dimensionless)
Inductance     [L]                  m^2-sec^2/kg
Temperature   [K] (Kelvin)         kg-m/sec^3

{1} - density
{2} - modulus
{3} - Kinematic Viscosity

The basic physical quantities in this system are the medium properties identified by Maxwell in his 1860-61 "On Physical Lines of Force". We quantify the mean momentum (quanta) [], characteristic mean interaction length (quanta) [L], the root mean speed [c], and a mass attenuation coefficient [].

Their values are,

 = 5.154664E-27 kg-m/sec
L = 6.430917E-08 m
 = 3.144609E-06 m^2/kg
c = 2.997925E+08 m/sec

In other words, all of the major observed and measured constants of physics can be derived from the above terms.

There are two dimensionless factors also. These are shared with the standard systems of measure as,

 = 7.297353E-03 (Fine Structure Constant)
 = 1.001159E+00 (Electron Magnetic Anomaly)

Now to the fumdamental constants. I'll now show that h, z, u, k, q, G resolve from the above.

                           h = 2L
                           q = 2/L
                           k = L^2/c
                           u = L^3/c
                           z = /L^3c
                           G = (c/2piL^3)^2

Note, rounding to six significant digits in the above numeric definitions can affect the results slightly. What I don't know is why the value of the Magnetic Moment Anomaly is required to bring the more basic expressions in line with measurements. What I do know is the MMA is the square of the dielectic and magnetic suseptability of air. Don't know why this is either.

Here are some links to old newsgroup threads you might find interesting.

I am also including a copy of Pushing Gravity that I found on the internet.


The parts of that document written by Paul are republished here with permission.

Also see Stowe's 1996 paper A Foundation for the Unification of Physics, his 1998 The cause of Gravity, EM, and QM, his 1999 The nature of Charge, some more related documents on site and a number of articles at